Abhigyan, a Management Journal from FORE has achieved a major milestone of becoming a ‘Subscription Category’ Sage Journal.


Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar

Foundation For Organisational Research And Education (FORE) is a unique entity which was launched by a group of visinories who knew what it takes to deliver. I recall with some nostalgia and satisfaction, my association with people such as Shri R.P. Billimoria, Dr. N.C.B. Nath, Col. S.P. Wahi, Shri N.K. Singh, Shri T.N.Chaturvedi, Ms. Omita Paul and others with...More

Dr. Vinayshil Gautam, FRAS (London)
(Vice Chairman)

There are types of institution building efforts, depending upon the sector in which the initiative is imbedded. I have had the fortunate experience of initiating and participating in such efforts in the Government supported academic sector, at IIM-K and later on as the ‘Leader of the Consulting Team’ at IIM-Shillong....More

Shri. Vijay Gopal Pande

Foundation for Organisational Research and Education (FORE), a non-profit autonomous Society established in 1981, has been a beacon of excellence for over 42 years. During this period, FORE has established independent verticals beginning with the FORE School of Management (FSM) in New Delhi that has been offering ...More

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Das
(Director General)

Welcome to the Foundation For Organisational Research and Education, where our vision and mission guide our journey towards excellence in higher education and societal contribution. Driven by a commitment to becoming a frontrunner in the digital age, we aim to uphold global standards while embracing...More

Our Institutions

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

To encourage and support initiative, enterprise and innovation for the betterment of individuals, organisations and social systems. In doing so to keep rooted in one's values; heritage while connecting with technology and globalisation.

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Our Mission

To support research based and application oriented education, skill development for individual-cum-collective growth. In doing so the mission includes inculcating a humanistic approach to optimization of resources, problem solving and institutional prosperity.

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Video Interview of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Das by the Local Russian T.V. during the event WORLD FORUM 'New Era-New Ways' at Moscow, Russia
in April 2024.

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